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April 23, 2006

The Best of the Best Part: Deux! (Not quite)

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I was browsing the usual list of blogs and sites the other day, and noticed author Jeff VanderMeer has posted an “exhaustive list” of the best fantasy novels that writers should read. It’s very impressive, with 60 entries on his primary list–I’m pretty sure I’ve only read half of those, so far! So, I’m sure most of us will just have to get crackin’ on the books ASAP if we hope to catch up in the next few years.

I’ll be sure to pick up VanderMeer’s City of Saints and Madmen now.


In other news, I should have a review of both the Alone in the Dark movie and the Silent Hill movie up within the next week. I’ll make it clear now: the former almost reaches levels of boredom in its badness, and the later is an amazingly well-shot film–although too confusing for the average viewer. Besides that, I might try to do the infamous Wheel of Time novels by Robert Jordan while I’m on this list of mostly downers.


April 15, 2006

No Clue

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Maybe I should’ve called this place “,” but I guess this is good…and I think that name is already taken. Basically, this first post here is my introduction to whoever is reading this, and a “General Blog Statement,” otherwise known as the Constitution of Intheo.

I’m lazy, so I’ll just copy and past my bio here, as it sums it up best:

“My primary interest is writing (three novels down, one more in progress!), though I’m also partial to cruising Sites for info about history (it’s best to get it on your own, and not in school, really–most teachers simply aren’t reliable, or worse, they’re boring), politics (past, present–doesn’t matter what time period, because it all shows the madness stored up in every human being; if anything has a right to insanity, it’s politics, and insanity is appealing), and matters of culture…most of those being Pop Culture and useless bits of information.

Besides that, I do the things that most do, but I’m much more “into it”: movies, television, books, music, games, it doesn’t matter what, as long as it tells me something I’m there!”

If you want more info about the purpose of this blog, check the about section I typed up, it sums it up in two points. The basic idea of it, though, is that here I’ll offer my thoughts and reivews on movies, books, music, and games–objects of culture, I like to term them–thoughts on current events, and some self-important talk about my writing (I’m a novelist-in-training.) I don’t intend to reveal the meaning of “Intheo” itself, though, not yet, but perhaps I’ll get to it in some far off future.

Well, while you’re waiting for updates, take some time to pop in at Something Awful, one of the best, and biggest, comedic sites on the net! I’m probably just encouraging any minors, but I’ll go ahead and give warning in case any stumble upon this that you should probably be at least 13 to look there, or maybe even as old as 16.

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